Working on ware icons

Developing a game without graphics is hard. For example, opening Storage house and seeing set of empty squares with numbers below – what are these invisible wares? That was irritating me for a long time, so at last I got myself a goal -I shall not do any further work until I have a full set of icons for wares. And with that, during last couple of evening I’ve been working on ware icons:

2014-07-11 ware icons

Ware icons

To this moment 16 icons were added (and one more while I was writing this blog, but I’m lazy to redo the pic). Of course some came out better, some worse, but the thing to keep in mind – they are all just placeholders, they are not final. Each one (maybe except for timber) can be greatly improved. However, for the moment the goal is to have them done, to have a base from which they can be analyzed and improved. In design there’s nothing worse than lack of any ideas – an empty sheet of paper.

P.S. As always, your ontopic and offtopic comments are more than very welcome – they are vital!

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