Live progress #22 – Distilling water

Here’s what’s new from the last week:

  • Multilevel water support has been added. So far it is quite limited – only 2 water bodies, but that can be easily upscaled to 4. On the screenshot below you can see there’s murky greener lake on the left and more clear blueish on the right:
2014-07-06 objects reflect in water

Objects reflected in water

One of the remaining issues is with the reflections, since they are computed once for the single water plane. The right lake has a lower water level and as you can see, the reflections are wrong. That can be fixed with rendering reflections individually for each water body, but that might affect the performance – this is what I’m planning to test now.

  • Water settings can now be tweaked in Map Editor (transparency, reflectivity, etc.)
  • Simple specular effect was added. Specular thing took me a while to figure it out, 3D trigonometry is not my strongest side 😉
  • Objects are now reflected in water
  • And as usual – code refactoring, little GUI tweaks and overall planning.
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