Preliminary wares icons done

Just as planned – are all wares icons done. So far they are just preliminary sketches, but some are already looking nice. Proceed inside!

2014-07-14 all wares


At the moment they are pretty raw. Games style may change during later development, so it is better to have such sketches instead of full-quality art. Sketches are relatively quick to make and they can be tweaked and improved upon demand, besides, it’s no big deal to scrap a few if they don’t fit into the game. With full-quality art that is not so easy 🙂

My favorites so far are Mace, Horse and Cow Skin icons. What are yours?

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3 Responses to Preliminary wares icons done

  1. Ben says:

    Haha, I like the haunch of meat 😛

    • Krom says:

      What do you think about if we call it Jamón (dry-cured ham from Spain) and drop the Sausages? 😉
      One Cow equals 4 Jamón pieces xD

  2. Ben says:

    Da Revolution would be very sad to see the sausage go 🙁

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