Alpha 9 plans

I’m planning following major features for Alpha 9:

  • agressive animals (e.g. boars, wolves, bears)
  • early army to fight those animals (e.g. militia hireable from School)
  • warriors morale to prevent rushes (e.g. militia in enemy town is weakened by a factor of 6)

All these features are aimed at making early game more engaging.

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15 Responses to Alpha 9 plans

  1. wannaplaythisgameinthefuture:) says:

    sounds cool with the animals.

    what is the current plan with the models? some structures are still without a decent model (or just in white).

    Also any plans for configure the ingame speed like in kam remake? Playing with 2x speed is way more comfortable

    Try to set the focus on the current content. just my two cents

    • Krom says:

      Thanks for commenting!

      At the moment I’m spending funds on more music for the game.
      House models need quite lot of work and I’m not entirely happy with previous ones yet. So might be redoing some of those when I get a better feel for the art style.

      I’m planning to up the default game speed to around x1.6 of what it is now. Current x1 does feel slow and x2 is a bit too fast IMO.

  2. jan kowalski says:

    nature should be like in settlers 4

  3. Tiank says:

    About early army to fight animals – maybe not militia, but units with lances or sth. Just technical/realistic stuff – it’s easier to kill an animal with such ranged weapon like lance, than with axe imo 😉

    • Krom says:

      That makes sense from fighting perspective.
      However, axes are already present in the game from the earliest stages (woodcutters, miners pickaxes) without any additional charge.
      Maybe some kind of pitchforks will do (alike farmers and breeders have).

      From one side, early warriors should be very cheap and accessible (without weapon workshop and such), but still be worth something (a gold?), so they can not be used to spam. That cost thing is still unclear.

  4. Fan says:

    I hope, one day, I will be able to play Knights Province multiplayer like I play KaM remake. And I don’t think militia from schools is a good Idea for multiplayer 🙁

    • Krom says:

      Multiplayer is locked out until the game is sufficiently fleshed out. It would not be fun to play with missing warrior models houses and overall balance.
      Militia from schools is not bad in itself, given that it could not be used spam.

  5. Wlado says:

    Any plans to publish the source code in sourceforge or gitHub?

  6. K&M-Fan says:

    Do you have a Hunter in the game? You can make him hunt the aggressive animals. The killed animals can be used for food as well. So you could save the resources needed to produce weak army units against aggressive animals and use them for heavier armed units later.

    • Krom says:

      If by Hunters you mean weak warriors – then yes, that’s the plan.
      Food from animals is not feasible, since it does not fit into existing productions chains scheme.

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