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Camp/Store transition thoughts

The goal of it: Visual – to make it look consistent with a small village and a big town later on. Gameplay – strategic decision to choose the right moment to do an upgrade. Too early in the game will … Continue reading

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Live progress #16 – with axe in hands

These weeks summer came to city, the weather is hot and distractions are plenty. Still there is some progress report (pics inside).

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Unit animations

Unit animations receiving an overhaul. According to new rendering engine, everything should change from fixed-step to floating-step.

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New house/location concept – Stash

Let’s start a new category of posts, called “Ideas”. Here I will post ideas about the game. Here’s the first one – a new house called “Stash”. Goal. This is a non-player structure placed on the map which can hold an amount … Continue reading

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Food role in the game

Food plays major role in the game. Let’s try to understand why and what we can do about it:

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Live progress #15 – or the lack of it

There are not many news since 07/05, there were long weekend holidays dedicated to WWII victory which I spent in Belarus, seeing locals. Besides, the weather is so nice, that concentrating on programming is really hard now 🙂 Anyway, what’s … Continue reading

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Artwork 2

Looking at neighbor sketch I took a try at making one of my own. Yep, I can draw a thing or two, although not as easily. It’s time to remember how it’s done after years. Hardest part is choosing the … Continue reading

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Good news everyone – we have first real artwork made specially for NG! Blacksmith is one of my favorite characters in the game, for he has this unique combination of working with cold steel and burning hot fire, creating tools … Continue reading

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Small anniversary

It’s been 500th commit into NG repository right this moment 🙂

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Live progress #14 – tile picking

With a help from Jery now we have a precise tile picking algo and a nice debug visualization of it, showing the bounding boxes underneath: We split terrain into quadtree of bounding boxes. When we need to pick a tile … Continue reading

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