Live progress #16 – with axe in hands

These weeks summer came to city, the weather is hot and distractions are plenty. Still there is some progress report (pics inside).

  • Unit animations and rigs refactoring continues. Things getting changed mostly internally, but on the outside, I have been able to rig the woodcutter in 6min, 5 of which were spent on modelling an axe:

2014-05-28 woodcutter with booty

Woodcutter chopping action is still not animated though, that’s a much trickier job. For now the only animation in the game is walking.

  • Common 3D models pool created. This is the single source of 3D models in game and that allows to save a lot of time on models loading/handling code for various domains (houses, units, mapobjects, auxiliary models, etc.)
  • House tablets. Yep, those will be house auxiliary objects. So far just the model, house icons will be added later when I draw them:

2014-05-28 house tablet

  • Refactoring workplans. This is a big one, workplans are getting their own XML instead of branching hardcode.
  • Storehouse “block ware delivery” icons. Didn’t had much thought about it. Having those we might also have “evacuate” icons, so that player can manage wares locations between stores and military/market:

2014-05-28 storehouse block icons


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