Artwork 2

Looking at neighbor sketch I took a try at making one of my own. Yep, I can draw a thing or two, although not as easily. It’s time to remember how it’s done after years. Hardest part is choosing the right character in the right pose. For that I browsed through several dozens of references, until the right one was found. A figure in action. Meet the archer – affordable ranged threat of the battlegrounds:

Archer D


This exact archer is a good example of his kind. He has no noble roots nor fancy outfit – a true man from the crowd, who took short training courses in archery and was given a bow. His protection is very light – just basic leather coat, so that his movements and aiming are swift and precise.

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  1. Shadaoe says:

    I like it a lot, it is coherent with the other artwork, I like the atmosphere around these characters 😉

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