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Working on UV mapped decals

Working on combining terrain textures and UV mapped decals:

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Weird reflections

Been working on water shader improvements. Sky reflection in water looks weird, if there’s no sky texture: P.S. Don’t look on FPS – it’s from my older PC with old GPU.

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Smoothed terrain screenshots

Screenshots of smoothed terrain. Still largely WIP. I’m planning to add normals to mountains next.

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On Terrain

I have got this reply from sado1 (forum link) on previous post about terrain textures. I thought many would be interested in replies, so here goes: It might be too early to mention that, but right now the terrain looks … Continue reading

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Profits from rewriting terrain render

There are a couple of positive effects of rewriting terrain render, among which much better scalability. Previously one terrain chunk (8×8 tiles) was limited to having just 4 textures. Now they are automatically split into buckets with 4 textures each. Here’s … Continue reading

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Thoughts on terrain

Once again I’m thinking about reworking terrain render. Introduction of terrain textures rendered old terrain render approach useless. Let’s recap how it works. Till now everything gets assembles from tiles. Each tile having from 2 to 20+ polygons to show … Continue reading

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Knights Province Alpha 6 gameplay on YouTube

From time to time I search for Knights Province on Google or YouTube, to see if there’s anything new about it that I don’t know. Today I have spotted another Knights Province video on YouTube (almost 1 month old). It … Continue reading

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