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Live Progress #41 – Caster report

Good news – work continues! Over the weekend I have successfully corrected the problem with two or more agents going for the same target and getting stuck, because no one had a clear priority over others. I have tried two different … Continue reading

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Caster at the end of the day

  Today was one of the most productive days in a few weeks – Caster shows some good results for massive counts of agents:

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Caster sidenote

Problem with agents pushed into unwalkable areas seems to be fixed – instead of trying to keep the on walkable, wrote a “push back to walkable” function. Now to the next problem – pathfinding! P.S. Navigation calls units – agents, sounds … Continue reading

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Caster status update

Let’s see a bit about Caster navigation state: Whats right: Unit interaction (avoiding each other, pushing out, etc) Basic pathfinding Unpassable terrain outlines generation Avoiding unwalkable outlines Fixed a few bugs in Recast code rewritten for Caster A lot of debug … Continue reading

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New Caster Navigation looks promising

Reimplementing the algorithm with critical thinking over every procedure seems to be working well. Agents already avoid and push each other out of the way. And the best part – I know why they do so now. A little sneak … Continue reading

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Heads up on progress

RecastNavigation port did not work out as well as I expected. Area costs do not always work, agents get stuck, paths are sub-optimal. Now working on writing my own Caster Navigation (see the anagram 😉 ) following Recast steps with … Continue reading

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