Caster status update

Let’s see a bit about Caster navigation state:

2015-09-13 caster

Whats right:

  • Unit interaction (avoiding each other, pushing out, etc)
  • Basic pathfinding
  • Unpassable terrain outlines generation
  • Avoiding unwalkable outlines
  • Fixed a few bugs in Recast code rewritten for Caster
  • A lot of debug render display

Whats left:

  • Resolving cases where 2 units go for the same spot
  • Resolving other common cases of units getting locked or stuck
  • Returning units from unwalkable to walkable areas if they get pushed out
  • Pathfinding adaptation for Caster
  • and more ..

Once these issues are dealt with, Caster needs some testing in real-life scenarios in KP and then, hopefully, Alpha 4 will come out 🙂

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2 Responses to Caster status update

  1. KingCornfield says:

    Maybe a system with ware priority orders could help? E.g. KaM:
    Building Materials
    Depending on what the casters are running/carrying the system sorts them into sequence.

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