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For the last 2 months I’m completely occupied with RecastNavigation – porting and bugfixing, with addition of rigging now, which goes slowly .. very slowly. On the brighter side – here’s a little glimpse of whats going on behind the … Continue reading

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Live Progress #29 – Recast Navigation lib is mostly ported, yay!

Majority of Recast Navigation code has been finally ported to Delphi. Now I can switch back to more NG-related things. Plan is to make a test tool that will load NG map and try to build a Recast NavMesh on … Continue reading

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Porting Recast Navigation to Delphi, wip

This thing is monstrous! Luckily it’s simple and does not use any advanced data structures or C++ trickery. State of the ported code: NavMesh building works (will probably replace it with our implementation anyway, cos it’s rigged well with the AI), … Continue reading

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