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Live progress #4 – throwing old stuff away

Today’s went under the “Throw away old stuff” flag. Since the code is our property and art assets are mostly not, they all have to go. The process has started a few months ago already, but today it was mostly … Continue reading

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Live progress #3 – tile surfaces editing

Tileset surfaces got some improvements. Now they are stored in XML instead of hardcode (which allows for handy editing in a Notepad). Of course XML is slower to parse, but for development we need it to be easy to edit. … Continue reading

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Neat advantage of 3D

3D models have many advantages over 2D sprites, (and drawbacks too), but when it comes to little details, 3D has a neat one – we can change how a unit model looks and that change is propagated throughout the game … Continue reading

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Live progress #2

Spent a few hours on refactoring the code to modern Delphi standards. The language has noticeably improved in last decade. New iterators, generics, lambdas, other fancy buzzwords. It appears though, some of them are very handy and speedier!

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Adding FAQ

Added a new section, there are few questions there yet, so feel free to ask what interests you in comments!

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Live progress #1

With this short note I’m going to start posting updates on project development, big and small. Last week I was redoing the tile morpher algorithm (once again) and it seemed that this time it will finally work (not for the … Continue reading

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Text is boring, how about some pictures? Before touching anything I needed to tackle the biggest blocker of all – do I still remember 3D modelling and can I possibly make something good enough to be used in a game? At … Continue reading

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Laying out directions

Our main goal is to invent a new game that will be a spiritual successor to KaM. Bring it up to date with new gameplay mechanics and graphics. Where do we start?

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So .. writing a new game?

It was middle of the autumn 2013 when we had another talk about starting something new. How come?

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