Alpha 11.2 update

Here’s a second minor update with lots of bugfixes and small improvements:

  • Fixed stone stockpile placement after house get demolished
  • Fixed error on loading a savegame with a dead group assigned onto a quick-select (Ctrl+0..9)
  • Fixed a couple of minor memory leaks
  • Changed “erase” to “remove” in various MapEd menus
  • Don’t list the horses in the map maker when selecting the resource for wagons #283
  • Messages with buttons should allow for no glyphs #282
  • Fixed mines placement locations visible behind the FOW #270
  • Fixed a bug when Save/Load of the mission unlocks every profession in the school #267
  • Added script action UnitUnlock, like the HouseUnlock #279
  • Fixed a bug when Stonecutter was unable to mine the stone from map corners #281
  • Possibly fixed error on game start when GetDocumentsPath was returning extra slash on the end
  • Calls to Action.(House/Group/Unit)OwnerChange if the new owner is the same as old one will be logged and ignored
  • Fixed stockpiles “auto (collect)” behavior (it was reversed) #266
  • Fixed error in saving a mission from MapEd with default human hand preceded by empty hands
  • Lasso selection should expand a bit when made close to map edge #278
  • MapEd places units under rotated camp wrongly (when applying skirmish) #272
  • Fixed ability to queue the last (5th) unit in the School #280
  • Updated list of patrons in Credits
  • Allowed for grain on snowground25% terrain [#284]
  • Added some snowground25% terrain to Winter Stand to equal out the starting locations
  • Improved KT panel layout a bit
  • Fixed dust puffs locations offset after canceling a house plan (also responsible for crash if they were to be spawned outside of the map bounds)
  • Fixed crash on unchecking Skirmish setup options in MapEd
  • Adding faulty savegame into the crashreport in case a crash occurs
  • Fixed crash on scanning or loading a map with empty script file
  • Fixed CRC calculation being 1-off
  • Implemented undo history depth in MapEd (default 512) [#286]
  • Slightly improved GUI of Records\Global layout
  • Added points assigned for each place into highscores (will be filled once KT is updated)
  • Renamed “Rank” into “Place” in highscores
Knights Province Alpha 11.2 (installer)

Knights Province Alpha 11.2 (7z package)
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6 Responses to Alpha 11.2 update

  1. Lautaro Zualet says:

    i knew that update would lead us to the Alpha 12 update.

  2. Anno Nymous says:

    Some Notes on the KI to strenghten it without too much effort:

    – Allied enemys don’t attack together, this would really push their military influence
    – KI doesn’t consider the different speed of units, horse units attack alone and early, effectless and warningly.
    – KI units don’t join to larger groups. They should be put together to at least 6 units each to get more impact, the same should happen when defending. this would speed up the work of KI aswell since you have less troups to organize
    – KI always attacks the closest building instead of the closest target. this makes it incredibly easy to trap it
    – KI already builds axes and shields, nonetheless no axe fighters…wasted resources..
    maybe this helps you to improve the KI already without major revisions
    I really like your progress, keep the good work going on! It’s a lot of fun to play it already, I started training my larger child with it to learn üplaying startegy games 😉

  3. Anno Nymous says:

    Oh and one more thing:
    I don’t know why, probably because you need to read the whole file instead of just the folder, when trying to save/load, it takes quite long to see all possible savegames because the loading takes quite a while…a bit anoying

  4. Anno Nymous says:

    23 savegames, 360 MB altogether.

    But there should und must be a faster way.
    maybe you read them just once and save the important infos for the lifetime of the game?
    its quite annoying to wait each time..

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