Alpha 11.3 update

Here’s a third minor update with a bunch of bugfixes and small improvements:

  • Fixed a crash when ordering to attack an already demolished house under FOW
  • Minor naming changes (lance > pike, pike > halberd, house > building)
  • Smooth scrolling for lists
  • Fixed a bug when a keypress would leak from reassignment of a hotkey into a players name editbox in Options menu
  • Fixed crash on loading a savegame with fences being built or attacked
  • Fixed small memory leak on hotkeys resave
  • Fixed harmless junk text getting written into settings on hotkeys resave
  • Fixed crash on reopening Highscores after GFX reinit

Knights Province Alpha 11.3 (installer) Knights Province Alpha 11.3 (7z package)
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16 Responses to Alpha 11.3 update

  1. Lautaro Zualet says:

    HOORAY FOR ALL THE FIXES AND CHANGES, now you’ll be thinking on something new to modify in the game for Alpha 11.9.

  2. Pope says:

    Hey, nice job, its really looking good, brings back memories.

    One suggestion i would have, if i remember this was also an issue in the original game. Builders will leave a building unfinished if there is a demand in another place. It would be nice that if a building is started then at least one will stay and finish, especially if the materials are on the site. From what i saw they prioritize roads and will stay there forever if there is a stone shortage, but without at least one builder available you cant build a new stone cutter or cottage to get more free people to train a builder, and if you do then he will also go to build roads.
    Or maybe a priority button. It appearss only during building and if checked builders and serfs will focus to finish it before anything else.

  3. Nick Postema says:

    i vote for priority buttons in builders. The option for, for example, to choose (individually) between Hauling, Building, Roads

  4. An No Nymous says:

    Oh and the Cow Farm lacks the flag!

  5. Anno Nymous says:

    Settlers II had a really nice and useful feature:

    Observation windows! You could enlarge a specific part of the map in a movable window so e.g. you can work on your town and show a bridge towards the enemy in a screen corner to immediately detect attacks.

    That would be really useful!

  6. Rafal says:

    Why stables not produce a horsers when grain is delivered?

  7. Vojtěch Klogner says:

    When i wanted to make screenshot, game crashed with error that it can create screenshot file (maybe some antivirus problem because i used portable version, but no antivirus alarm), also it crashed so hard that i can’t send eror report.

    And main isue why i wanted take screensho,t was bad “loading” of texture of mountain, i could see through

    • Krom says:

      Thanks for report!

      It is likely, that antivirus got upset about game trying to create a PNG file in its folder.

      Was it the “bad” mountain on some stock map?

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