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Performance charts

Rigged those fancy-looking performance charts today. Each section is part of the total frame render time. As you can see, example frame gets rendered under 20ms (equals to ~50fps). Most of the time is spent in rendering of terrain and … Continue reading

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More sounds

Was working on more sounds today and made this Sawmill video: There are 8 separate saw sounds that get uniquely combined each time.

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I have a perfectionist bit in me that always tends to halt whatever is being made in favor of “making it perfect”. All in all “making it perfect” is a great idea, but it very often means that nothing is … Continue reading

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More dirt and grass and sand

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With more content in the game (units, houses, terrain textures) the game loading got noticeably slower. Being able to launch the game and check the changes as quickly as possible is critical for early development. It disrupts the workflow a lot when … Continue reading

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Grass is coming

First look at terrain textures in game:

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