Alpha 5

Alpha 5 is ready!

2016-01-08 guards

Guardians of supplies

New features:

  • Campfires – provide allied troops with food. Any group standing within campfire area of effect does not get hungry. This is helpful for small groups of enemies placed on map to guard passages and ambushes.
  • Wagons improved. Now they change sides on contact, drive into camp/store/barracks, depending on if they have suitable ware in them.
  • New map (Treasures) to test both campfires and wagons.
  • Two new music tracks by Andre Sklenar (Farm, Sheep)
  • Hand color on unit models. Now units have players color on them. Troops also have banners.
  • New unit models – farmer, recruit, fisher, militia, swordsman. Yet without animations.

Smaller features are:

  • List of maps in main menu, for quickplay
  • Separate neutral player for animals and neutral units/houses. Now there’s special neutral player that owns all the animals and unclaimed assets, which might be useful for scripting.
  • Dynamic scripts wiki (
  • There’s a map edge now rendered below the terrain
  • Snow terrain type, which goes nice on to mountains
  • Oak tree model
  • Dozen more icons and cursors
  • Dozen of bugfixes

Hotfix has been applied. Download Alpha 5.1: [Download not found]

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13 Responses to Alpha 5

  1. Tiank says:

    Campfires seem like a great idea! Can’t wait to test it 🙂

  2. 4lexO says:

    Do we need to supply campfire ? because if we do, the game loose a part of his gameplay. If it increase the durability of health it could be better and balance it

  3. Matthew says:

    Hi there, i got a question about building rotations, sorry if it was already answered, but will buildings be able to rotate now that we’re in 3D?

    • Krom says:

      Probably not. There are just a few cases where rotation adds up (towers, mines), other cases it serves no real benefit.

      • Flasat says:

        Well, it would have a benefit, you could “contact” 2 times more buildings with one street so you can build a kind of marketplace where everything is rotated to the centre and it
        would be a graphical enhancement, thinking of realism, i have never seen a city where every building is turned into the same direction. On the other hand it makes really no sense if you are not able to turn the camera.
        would be allowing turning of the camera and the buildings such a big difficulty, or do you think it does not fit into the
        “Gameplay style” that is strongly based on KaM?

        • Krom says:

          Rotating camera and houses is certainly worth testing, but later in development (as this is more of a auxiliary/cosmetic/visual feature).
          I’m also concerned with the back-side of it – if player has to rotate houses for optimal town performance, the houses need to be “entertaining” from back sides too.

          • Flasat says:

            well, i think in most case minor details like some windows or a banner/flag would be enought because many buildings already look acceptable.

            Also some buildings could have their working place or at the backside of the building or seeable from both sides.

          • Krom says:

            You can check out how buildings backs look – enable F11 panel and see on the bottom “Heading” control. I find them quite dull at the moment.
            The game also needs a way of showing units and roads silhouettes behind buildings, cos often they are too obscuring and units/roads can “get lost”.
            That said – I’m looking forward to trying these features out, but they are quite low importance on the todo list.

  4. Andreas Stamelakis says:

    You need to make mines rotate, this is bs,

    • Krom says:

      Mines and all other houses do rotate – the hint about this is in the house description tooltip – Use the “tab” key.

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