Alpha 4

I positively hate writing news posts.

It’s been a long time since Alpha 3, almost 600 revisions. I had plans to include new navigation model into Alpha 4, but .. even with good progress on Caster, it still takes a LOT of effort to get done. And even more to get it done right. So long story short – why not release everything else that got improved in Alpha 4 and postpone Caster to later version? 😉

Alpha 4 features a lot of improvements in many areas – I have tried to list them below. Most important are unit models and nice skeletal animation.


Feedback is welcome here in comments, in English forum (link), Russian forum (link), on Facebook (link) and everywhere else!

Download:  Knights Province Alpha 4

Changes in code and functionality:

  • Made F11 menu 3-state (none-status-devmenu)
  • New campaigns popup instead of page
  • Records page
  • Change base terrain height in MapEd (via “resize” menu)
  • Support for weight-mapped skeletal models (weights with percentages, 2 for now)
  • Textured wares in serfs hands
  • Textured units (with fixed DUVs)
  • Preview units locations when moving/rotating groups
  • Reworked and unified F11 panel across tools
  • Add common house/unit/ware types to be used in script instead of ids
  • Add a target time to workplan and lerp all the work stages to it
  • Changed terrain equalize brush in MapEd, now it produces more natural results
  • .. and many more changes I forgot to register

Changes in art:

  • Models and rigs for Serf, Worker, Stonecutter
  • Just models for Woodcutter, Axeman
  • Placeholder animals models (wolf, bear, deer, boar)
  • .. and some more changes I forgot to register


  • Giving move order via mini map (units walks near the edge of the map and stop there instead of heading towards given direction)
  • You can place gold mine on gold mountain plan, even though it’s red.
  • Iron/Gold/Stone are now shown on minimap
  • Fixed Iron/Gold mines placement highlight
  • Range errors when reloading maps in MapEd
  • Doing trades in Market crashed the game
  • Repainting same tile again in MapEd does not work
  • Cannot edit weapons count in Fort in MapEd
  • After changing resolution, all buildings and trees become darker
  • In MapEd houses can be placed on top of decals
  • AI training recruits for Fort, but not counting them
  • Depletion of stone for stonecutter causes a crash
  • Road/Field plans can be placed over decals (e.g. stone deposits)
  • .. and many more fixes I forgot to register
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