Live Progress #45 – Need campaigns

I figure the game needs a short campaign to tie up existing test missions together. Been working on that in past week:

2015-11-18 campaigns

2015-11-18 campaign

Planning to make the second mission dedicated to resources mining. And here’s a little guarded bonus for explorers:

2015-11-18 guarded wagon

Whole thing is still largely wip and a lot will change, but for now this mission helps me to polish the wagon interactions.

Other advancements:

  • More unit models and animations
  • Recolored terrain surfaces
  • Lots of things I cant remember now
  • Improved height brushes in MapEd
  • Allowed to select and save campaign maps from MapEd menus, no need to copy files manually anymore
  • Terrain height can be changed globally in MapEd now
  • Lots of bugfixes and minor improvements

Bonus info: KP scripting now has Actions.UnitOwnerChange. So that this wagon could be easily transferred with all its contents to the player once he defeats the guards.

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5 Responses to Live Progress #45 – Need campaigns

  1. MixBossAnon says:

    Hi Market is working properly and you can exchange resources?

    • Krom says:

      Market will be disabled in Alpha 4 until more of the core game is done.
      At the moment market is not working well, prices are wrong, many wares are not usable. To sum up – it does not add anything to the game.
      Please feel free to suggest ideas on how to make it work. (maybe disable advanced wares for now, leave just basics?)

  2. Phoenix says:

    When will the next build be available for download? i currently have the 3.08 version (Alpha 3)

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