Monthly Archives: September 2014

Painting textures is a hard work

Spent around 8 hours drawing these painted wood planks for the sawmill roof (or some other roof if we change it to be thatched).

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School sketch

Last few weeks I’ve been busy contracting freelancers to make us some more sketches. So let’s see how house design process goes on example of School.

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Camp sketch

Since I don’t have enough time/skill to do everything by myself, from time to time I try to find someone to help. This time I’ve found a couple of sketch artists.

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Live progress #28 – CiderMaker house sketch and apple orchard

Here is something new, green and tasty 🙂 For in-game screen and details, proceed inside ..

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Live progress #27 – Woodcutter and Sawmill update

Woodcutters cabin got improved. There’s new roof and some tree plants on the back. Sawmill scale updated to better fit the units scale.

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