2018 Christmas/NewYear mini-competition results

Mini-competition is over and I’m happy to announce the results!

We have 5 maps in the competition:

  • “Hodor” by Thibmo
  • “Longfingers Legacy” by Klassix
  • “Winter Stand” by Krom
  • “Xmas Tree Combat” by DarkianMaker
  • “Man Versus Man Versus Beast” by Eduardo Beltrame


Score 22.

Comments from judges:

  • Nice skirmish map
  • Nice map but approaches to camps are very wide for the size of the map

Longfingers Legacy

Score 22.5.

Comments from judges:

  • Very much like the details and usage of game assets
  • The maps looks OK, but please, less copy-pasta!
  • Would work well for a competitive map but could do with some more asymmetry. Could also do with a natural expansion of sorts for players to compete for

Winter Stand

Score 24.

Comments from judges:

  • The map looks great, nice addition for sure. Personally I would enjoy iron being available, though not all maps should have iron.
  • A lovely asynchronous map, but the river choke point is really too narrow for a proper fight against a defender

Xmas Tree Combat

Score 21.

Comments from judges:

  • Minimap and the whole idea look very nice to me. Simple and fun )
  • Very obvious X-mas reference. Haven’t seen a pure battle map yet, brings back KaM memories, bonus points for that. 🙂

Man Versus Man Versus Beast

Score 21,67.

Comments from judges:

  • Unusual experimental map!
  • A very chaotic but interesting map, think it could’ve done with some more playtesting though
  • The amount of wolf dens…. wow. Interesting concept, too. But does need polishing.

Winners and prizes are:

  • 1st place with score 24 – Winter Stand by Krom
  • 2nd place with score 22,5 – Longfingers Legacy by Klassix (awarded Steam game of his choice (up to 15$ or equivalent))
  • 3rd place with score 22 – Hodor by Thibmo
  • All participants with maps scoring 20 or more – awarded with a small Steam game by Dah, called “You Can(Not) Survive”:

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