Recap of events since Alpha 9

In loosely chronological order:

  • Finally set up Patreon page in June. If you wanted to support the game’s development – now there’s a way!
  • Set up page. Nothing major, just another location to advertise the game.
  • The game was reviewed by Nookrium and Dan Field. Collecting as much as 100k views on YouTube combined!
  • We’ve had 2018 mini-competition for mapmakers (see earlier news)
  • Github issues tracker is getting more attention now. If you have an account and need to report an issue with the game – feel free to use it.
  • Discord server is active as ever. There are different channels for general discussions, mapmaking, bugreports, ideas and others.
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  1. polopop says:

    you now that dan field is my favorite youtuber?

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