Knights Province on Patreon

I’ve finally set up Patreon page for Knights Province!

Patreon is a site that allows to collect monthly donations to support and sponsor projects and people. I’ve been asked a lot about setting up donations for the Knights Province. Finally I did it. Last month I did a small test and money are really getting processed and send to my PayPal account. This means I am ready to announce it.

Since there’s no way of estimating how good this Patreon thing will work, my current Patreon plan is to just start collecting donations and seeing how it goes. I’m planning to add donations to funds I pay from my pocket for freelancers work on assets creation for the Knights Province (2D/3D artists, musicians, animators, etc). It would also be nice to buy a glass of beer every now and then, knowing it was gifted to me by Knights Province fans and players 😉

Patreon page link

Regardless of donations or not, I’m still very grateful for your support and interest in my humble hobby project. Thank you!

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