Alpha 9 is ready!

I’m happy to announce new Alpha of the game!

Alpha 9 changes and improvements:

Three major gameplay mechanics (described in detail in earlier article):

  • Wildlife (aggressive animals and dens)
  • Early army (militia can be trained in Camp)
  • Morale to affect warrior’s attack


  • More great music by Juan I. Goncebat
  • New fight and death sounds
  • New scripted map Walkers (survive Walkers waves)
  • New scripted map Into the Swamps (by Klassix)
  • New skirmish map Horseshoe (with aggressive wolves)
  • New skirmish map Borders (by Klassix)
  • New campaign Orthalm (3 missions, by DarkianMaker)
  • New terrains (yellow grass on dirt, coarse gravel)
  • Diagonal transition for mountains/flat terrain
  • New temp house models (by Icomatix)
  • House building animation for 2 houses (with help from Dah)
  • New palm trees


  • Simplified gold production (no coal required)
  • Increased unit walking speed by 25%
  • Reworked AI setup and presets for skirmish
  • Changed defence position setup in MapEd
  • Tweaked AI to handle food production better
  • Tweaked AI to handle offense better
  • Tweaked AI to handle defense better
  • Increased max stone volume up to 6 in one tile
  • Gold and Iron ore can be placed on any mountain type now
  • Fixed AI iron mining
  • Improved iron mining rate
  • Lots of smaller improvements in MapEd
  • Lots of gameplay bugfixes and smaller improvements

As usual – this is still Alpha, there are likely a lot of bugs, flaws, incomplete features, broken mechanics and such. Please report them and also your thoughts on what should change and why.

Download links (updated to latest version):

Knights Province Alpha 9.1 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 9.1 (installer)

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24 Responses to Alpha 9 is ready!

  1. maro says:

    why there is not download link? 🙁

  2. maro says:

    Wow. At this moment game promises to be great. Good job guys!

  3. Syb says:

    Good to see that KP is still being worked on! Keep up the awesome work 🙂

  4. REMM says:

    i wonder why i cant produce anyone from school house? there is gold and queue but training line do not moves

  5. REMM says:

    Oh sorry, i solved this problem 🙂 thanks guys for great work! keep going!

  6. Dragonyk says:


  7. sean says:

    looks like it’s really maturing.
    keep it up!

  8. Cláudia says:

    show alert when trops are hungry. the trops move before i release the left mouse button.

    • Krom says:

      Hungry troops alert is shown on the minimap (although it lacks sound).
      Troops are commanded by the Right mouse button. Left mouse button does nothing ..

      • Cláudia says:

        sorry i meant right button. but they move before we release the finger not allow good precision and we make mistakes by it

        • Krom says:

          When the RMB is pressed down, there appears the “layout” of unit formation and you can choose direction by dragging around. When you release RMB, only then units should start moving. Is this somehow different from your situation? Please describe in more detail what is happening.

  9. cdfbr says:

    Is there anyway you can program a Version of Knights Province, For people with OpenGL 2.0?

    I don’t know how hard It would be or if anyone has asked the question before?

    I dont have a computer I can upgrade and I dont have the money to buy a New one so I am stuck with opengl 2.0, I believe I have.

    • Krom says:

      I was thinking about that a lot.
      On one hand OpenGL 2 support would take a lot of effort to support and maintain, on the other hand its “market share” is constantly reducing.
      Since I don’t want to spread my time and effort over multiple APIs yet, it is OpenGL 3.1 that is a good compromise between effort and popularity.
      In future, probably after Beta stage, it could be a good idea to trim some graphics and back-port to OpenGL ES 2.0 or 3.0 (e.g. for tablets). Though by that time OpenGL 2 share might reduce even more.

  10. GreatWhiteBear says:

    Where can we find the stats of the units?
    Cause right now either scouts seem too strong or lances are too weak.

    • Krom says:

      Unit stats haven’t been tuned yet. I plan to do the tuning and show stats in UI later (maybe in alpha 10)

  11. Damir says:

    Try to make it at least competitive to play in MP.
    I’d say take Stronghold Crusader as an inspiration as its the only game with complex economy that made it.
    Looks interesting

  12. Yksi Yamurani says:

    I really want to download those songs, more specifically knights_province_06preo… where can i find it to download???

    Great game btw, i’m looking forward to its development.

  13. Virsenas says:

    I have tried the game a while ago. Maybe a few years ago. You have done so much! You are doing great! Keep on working.

  14. Mariusz says:

    I can’t build gold mine in map “Borders” because of gold mine rotation.

    • Krom says:

      Please be more specific. Also, did you rotate the house plan using “tab” button as mentioned in the house description hint?

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