Alpha 9.1

Alpha 9.1 (r5956)
Thanks to everyone sending in crashreports – includes following bugfixes:

+ Fixed non-warrior under attack from a house would cause a crash
+ Fixed removal of decals in MapEd
+ Fixed crash on towers hitting non-warrior units
+ Attempt to fix crash on Wine trying to init OpenGL 3.2 function
+ Allowed to change depth buffer bitdepth and shadowmaps bitdepth
+ Added attempt to recover if unsupported GFX settings were chosen
+ Selecting an animal in Replay would cause a crash
+ Fixed crash on setting group attack orders outside of map bounds in MapEd
+ Fixed group attack position offset in MapEd
+ Fixed render of rubble on house demolish
+ Fixed crash on loading savegame where unit training was cancelled

Download links:

Knights Province Alpha 9.1 (7z package)
Knights Province Alpha 9.1 (installer)

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4 Responses to Alpha 9.1

  1. Lautaro Zualet says:

    good job, but still, are you guys planning on releasing alpha 10 in November of this year?

  2. Mr.Nick says:

    Hey, Krom.

    Are you going to release multiplayer anytime soon?

    Thanks, Mr.Nick

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