GUI improvements

The game’s GUI just got nicer with new “fade in” and “fade out” animations. They are short and subtle, but make the menu hints appear much nicer.

Fort and Barracks UI got improved and now looks alike School’s:

I also was watching this YouTube video of Knights Province:

and it caught my attention, that there are no alerts on the minimap when players troops get attacked. Feature was implemented right away and will be available in Alpha 8 soon 🙂

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2 Responses to GUI improvements

  1. navig says:

    Good job, trying to remake this game is a lot of hard work I bet.

    Regarding the graphics why you just don’t use the graphic of the original KaM, to me, with some little improvements it looks beautiful

    • Krom says:

      KaM graphics belong to their copyright owners and can not be used.
      I’m creating all graphics from scratch, so they have modern looks and a common style.

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