Today’s work

Fixed a couple of nasty bugs tonight:

  • Delivery task got corrupt when destination was destroyed and Serf was looking for a new destination. (yes, Serfs don’t throw away wares now, they will try to find a new demand)
  • Blanks were not properly unregistered from School. School was really surprised to see a Blank it was going to train to sit in Tavern xD
  • House animations sounds were not reloaded properly after save/load. There were several design mistakes working together. Now it should be fine.
  • Blanks were not taken from the Camp.

Perhaps there will be a new handy little function – when you click on a unit icon in the statistics page in the game, viewport will move to a unit of that type. Second click will move to a next unit of that type.

And this is desired result:

6 simulations in a row without any major flaws.

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  1. pastuh says:

    Nice 🙂
    Click function very handy. Its like from game Northgard

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