3 years

Knights Province has been in works for 3 years now. Just wow ..

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  1. Tiank says:

    Step by step and one day it will be finished 🙂

  2. Gunshots92 says:

    Really love what you guys are doing. Have been playing KAM since I was little and still play it every now and then. After playing the current build of KP I must say it gives the same vibes as the original games. Really looking forward to the final product 😀

  3. keebo says:

    The game, which I now see, is worthy of three years of work on it. I wish the developers inexhaustible inspiration! I hope that you will soon gladden us with new improvements and … with the final product of course!

  4. Wildan Arif says:

    Saya sangat suka permainan ini, sudah memainkannya mulai sekolah dasar hingga sekarang telah kuliah. namun susah mencari pemain lain di negera saya (belum menemukannya satupun) hingga sekarang saya hanya bermain di lingkup keluarga dan saudara saja serta terkadang bermain online meskipun sering di tendang keluar karena ping yang terlalu besar hehe…

  5. Jason Tran says:

    I fall in love with Kam since I was a child. I have been watched your project for 3 years. Hope for final project.

  6. Rob says:

    I have played KAM longer than any other game (on and off for almost 20 years?). When I found KAM Remake, I had to pinch myself to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming. It was awesome!

    I am really excited to see how this game turns out. I have been checking in every now and then: You have done some fantastic work, keep it up!

  7. Luci says:

    3 more and it’ll be the best game ever! It will be like a true sequel to KaM! Keep up the good work 🙂

  8. Darm says:

    Try this game 2 days ago.. its fun.. was thinking i could play multiplayer in this but it seem its the HD version which as Multiplayer playable yet…

    so i bought the real game and i have more fun then a 3D remake which miss so many texture model….

    where is the character eating animation in the Inn ?? thats the best part of the game…. maybe ill try it later on when you guys got youre stuff going for real this time.

  9. Vadim says:

    Keep going!

  10. Vincent says:

    This game is going to be so awesome! Please keep up the good work!

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