Today’s improvements

Today was a productive day for small fixups:

  • Lots of renaming and refactoring in code
  • Fixed falling tree sound played behind fog of war
  • Added dev button to save running game into a mission (map + dat files)
  • Made fog of war updates every other tick (reduced CPU load, visually unnoticeable)
  • Matched naming of Options/Settings menus in main menu and in game (Options win)
  • Unit thoughts are visible irregardless of zoom level now
  • Added 2-nd flag to School house for better looks
  • Fixed x2 slowdown building speed broken a day before (my bad)
  • Temp sound for small buttons click (same as big but softer)

Now the game is at revision 4260

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7 Responses to Today’s improvements

  1. SputnikRus says:

    Good day. Will support multi-core processor? 6 cores loaded only one core and fps 10-15 frames.

  2. SputnikRus says:

    Driver relevant. 1920*1080, full screen. Other programs not. The problem is to load only one core. In other games uploaded 4, 5 or all 6 of the core. And the graphics card is under 80-90%.

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