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Today’s improvements

Today was a productive day for small fixups: Lots of renaming and refactoring in code Fixed falling tree sound played behind fog of war Added dev button to save running game into a mission (map + dat files) Made fog … Continue reading

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Note on Knights Province animations and how they got better last week

Knights Province needs a lot of animations. They are essential to making the games’ world feel alive.  Here’s how they work and how they just got better. Animations start with a skeleton rig. Rig is a description of how character skeleton … Continue reading

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r4186 – Interpolating animations and refactoring AI

Smoothed house and unit animations. Where they were sampled at 30fps and nearest frame was picked to render, now the render shows interpolation result between two frames (article will follow later). Did a lot of work on refactoring old code, … Continue reading

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GUI improvements for upcoming Alpha 7

Added soft shadows around game panels. Also made panels to come to front and overlap other panels when clicked:

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Getting back to the game

This weekend was devoted to getting back to the game What has been done towards Alpha 7: Allowed to select enemy and neutral houses and units and see their generic info Added entrance element to house plans fences Added neutral player … Continue reading

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Lower priority

I’m going through some busy times which put Knights Province development on a lower priority for now. Haven’t touched the game in 5 weeks and looks like won’t be touching for another few. On one side it’s a bad thing, because I’m loosing momentum and development … Continue reading

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