Getting back to the game

This weekend was devoted to getting back to the game


What has been done towards Alpha 7:

  • Allowed to select enemy and neutral houses and units and see their generic info
  • Added entrance element to house plans fences
  • Added neutral player in MapEd, animals could be placed only for that player now
  • Had to revert terrain smoothing, it worked wrong on fences. Proper solution is planned
  • Fixed 1 second minimap update delay on mission start
  • Worked on moving all data files into a package
  • Minor updates for some maps
  • Fixing GUI errors and crashes in MapEd
  • Fixing houses/units names (changing pigs to cows, skins to cowhides, etc.)
  • Improving statistics menu layout
  • Optimized flags rendering
  • Added flags to almost all houses and house placeholders
  • Tinted bottom edge of fake houses for better lighting feel
  • Tweaked warriors HP display
  • Fixed idle warriors animation loop and also made all warriors to idle not in sync

All in all that resulted in 73 commits, and now the game is at r4093.

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3 Responses to Getting back to the game

  1. Czempion_PL says:

    Game looks Nice 🙂

  2. Vatrix says:

    With this much updates to the game, there will be not alpha 7, but at least delta 12 😀 . Keep up the good work! Looking forward to playing it.

    • Krom says:

      Hey, thanks! )

      Perhaps you are right and I’m putting too much thought and time into Alpha 7. Maybe I should look into shorter iterations.. Anyway, I have a few more things I have planned into Alpha 7 that I really want to wrap up.

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