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Neat OOP magic

When something comes out too complicated and does not work as it should, being riddled with entangled cross-references – move it into a new class and break all the logic into smaller chunks .. and then magic happens – it all comes … Continue reading

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Okay, shadows!

Okay, shadows! Those funny dark patches behind objects that sun seems to create 🙂 Unlike real world, where sun adds lit areas on surfaces (yep, shadows are places where sun did not create illumination), in virtual world it is the … Continue reading

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AI improvements

Been restoring AI functionality and improving it. Here’s results of 2 AIs skirmish:

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Alpha 5.2

Thanks everyone for crashreports! Two big bugs fixed and now Alpha 5.2 is out:  P.S. Still trying to isolate and fix “Exception in script: ‘Integer overflow’ in procedure ‘CHECKVICTORY’” exception happening in mission script..

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Alpha 5

Alpha 5 is ready! New features: Campfires – provide allied troops with food. Any group standing within campfire area of effect does not get hungry. This is helpful for small groups of enemies placed on map to guard passages and … Continue reading

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