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Live Progress #44 – Previewing animations

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Animations sidenote

Asked to send me a rigged and animated character for a test. Came in in FBX format. Surprisingly it imported well into Lightwave and exported into Knights Province animation format without a glitch. The only downside is that the rig … Continue reading

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Live Progress #43 – Misc

Taking a break from Caster, did a playtest and found and fixed a bunch of smaller issues: Stone/Iron/Gold decals will be shown on the minimap correctly now Stone roads will have more tints and become a bit darker Group direction … Continue reading

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Live Progress #42 – Caster and enums

Caster issues continue to occur, but also grows the list of fixed ones. When before Caster was tested 100% in a staged environment, now it is 50/50 between staged and actual game. Some of the issues are: Agent needs to … Continue reading

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