Live Progress #42 – Caster and enums

Caster issues continue to occur, but also grows the list of fixed ones. When before Caster was tested 100% in a staged environment, now it is 50/50 between staged and actual game.

2015-10-06 caster farmer

Some of the issues are:

  • Agent needs to walk through in-between 2 locked agents
  • Agent should not hesitate approaching another agent if his target is in front of him
  • Group of agents walking through corridor should not clog it while trying all to register at a waypoint
  • Agents approaching house entrances from the side often look unnatural

On a different note – while staging in-game tests for Caster, I got frustrated with how unit/house/ware types were hard to use. This got me thinking and testing, what if enums were available? And they seem to be. For a quick example:

procedure OnTick(aTick: Integer);
H: Integer;
H := States.HouseAt(6, 7);

if (States.HouseWareInside(H, wt_Grain)) >= 5 then
Actions.PlayerWin([0], True);

Now this syntax should be much easier to use!

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