Live Progress #43 – Misc

Taking a break from Caster, did a playtest and found and fixed a bunch of smaller issues:

  • Stone/Iron/Gold decals will be shown on the minimap correctly now
  • Stone roads will have more tints and become a bit darker
  • Group direction selector now previews all members locations
  • House tablets will be placed with a little random rotation
  • Forts “train” button will properly update on stock change now
  • Iron/Gold house plans will be shown correctly now
  • Scripting will now use TKMHouseType/TKMUnitType/TKMWareType instead of IDs (described in previous post)
  • several more minor issues
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2 Responses to Live Progress #43 – Misc

  1. david says:

    i appreciate your work, keep it up sir(s)

  2. V Ferr says:

    i appreciate your work, keep it up sir(s)

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