2001 Commits

Small anniversary for the Knights Province repository – 2001 commits!r2001

Took me less than 2 years to make, which is quite fast.

2001 commit is nothing spectacular though:

  • Updated test map goals (bring 5 cider and 5 fish to the Tavern), so that it could be used to clock unit navigation and pathfinding
  • Updated Alpha map with better stone decals
  • Fixed a bug in Game logging

The test map mentioned above:




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3 Responses to 2001 Commits

  1. jasper says:

    When can we play the alpha?

    • Tiank says:

      When it’s ready for tests I guess. As Krom wrote multiple times, with hobby project like this one, everything can be delayed by several things, so we just need to be patient 🙂

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