1k Anniversary addon

There’s one item I forgot to include into the “1k anniversary” post. I did not made it to the previous post date, but now, a day later, it is ready.

Remember how multi-platform support was mentioned early in the devblog? Well, it has become true – NG is in fact working on Android! 😉

2014-10-14 on android

NextGame is running on Nexus 10

Everything is exactly the same as on PC (graphics-wise). There are exactly the same shaders, same animations, same textures and models. For this test map FPS is surprisingly good – around 10. Bear in mind that there’s a fight going on and an AI town in the right corner.

The actual use of this test is highly abstract yet. Controls are all wrong and nothing works, except for clicking with a tap 😀 But the main point is very strong, Delphi can build apps for Android, NG code is multi-platform viable.

This whole thing fills me up with a great sense of achievement, NG has a whole new world to conquer and it’s ready for it!

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