Live progress #18 – icons, bows and tiles

  • Revisiting icons – tweaked some old ones and made some new ones:

ware_wood        misc_house_repair        house_quary

Wood ware icon got a deeper shade, new repair icon (might be used for Build menu instead?), and a Quarry icon (might add a stone to the left corner). Icons are scaled x2 from the actual size for preview purposes.

  • Made a placeholder walking rig for the bowman:


I’m planning the bow to remain that simple. Next tier bowman will have a much better one (probably a long-bow?). Quiver obviously needs more work and some arrows inside.

  • Tileset keeps on bringing trouble. First there was a hard to track typo in the code, next it’s the edge conditions I’m debugging which once again require to rewrite some code because there are more conditions affecting it than I had expected. Alongside this funny screen has emerged:


  • And number of ingame fixes as usual
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7 Responses to Live progress #18 – icons, bows and tiles

  1. Ben says:

    I see that our bowman here is left-handed :p

    • Krom says:

      LOLs, that’s right. I should remodel him 🙂

      • Lewin says:

        What’s wrong with having some units left handed?

        • Shadaoe says:

          I think that having all archers left handed would be somewhat “unreal” especially in middle age, obviously left handed units are fine but it’d bug me to see a whole section of left handed archers (just to be clear I don’t care about people being left or right handed), it’s just that the percentage of left handed persons is smaller than right-handed. It’d be odd to see a type of units only being left handed (as odd as a type of unit only being right handed though). It’d make your task significantly harder to make units be able to be both so I suggest you keep with right handed (only because of statistics, again) because it’s more believable.
          It’d be good to have a game showing both, I don’t even remember any game with left handedness.

          • Krom says:

            Sounds reasonable 🙂
            Just for fun, how about Serfs? I think I can mirror their skeleton animation in 20% cases, making them left-handed, how odd that would be? 🙂

  2. The Dark Lord says:

    Not sure if it would look good (the serfs themselves), but it would be some nice variation on the KaM village roads. 🙂

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