Short 2020 overview

2020 is nearing its end. Thank you everyone for following the project!

What about code?

2020 in commits

What about gameplay?

2020 in highscores

Happy New 2021 Year! Let’s hope it will be a much better one! 🙂

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3 Responses to Short 2020 overview

  1. Lautaro Zualet says:

    yeah, without any interruptions that is either in the game or in real life.

  2. Evgeniy says:

    Cool! I look forward to it

  3. An No Nymous says:

    I have just being playing “Oase” and some suggestions to you for AI:
    – Check for availability of proper ground when setting woodcutters, there it build some directly into the desert.
    – AI did not detect attacks not directly to soldiers? Soldiers as well didnt move to city border to defend it.
    – Instead I’d suggest AI soldiers group to proper size to be effective and attack in larger waves. Single soldiers defending are worthless.

    General: AI doesn’t accept palm trees as trees for woodcutters. So the area covered by them is wasted in Oase, AI doesnt destroy them. Maybe AI can use them as tree resource or you can even prepare a ground where woodcutters plant palm trees on instead of the normal ones? Maybe the same with snow-covered trees in winter maps?

    So far, so good
    An No Nymous

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