Food values

All Knights Province units need food to eat (well, except machines and animals). Otherwise they die of hunger. So dedicating a large portion of town to a food production is a good thing. But how much food is needed anyway? Let’s look into how much units eat:

Warriors can not leave their duty, so they get their food delivered by serf, which gets picked randomly in Camp/Store and tops warrior’s condition to 100%.

When citizen get hungry, they come to nearest Tavern that has free places inside (each Tavern can fit only 6 units at once). Typically when unit comes to Tavern he is at 13% full. When inside, unit will eat food in order it is listed in the Tavern until being 90% full.

I’ve been asked several times about food values for citizen, so here’s a small chart:

  • Fish – 0.5
  • Cider – 0.3
  • Bread – 0.4
  • Sausages – 0.6
  • Ale – 0.3

Please note, that above values are subject to change and should be considered correct only for current Alpha 9.1. In upcoming Alpha 10 values will be tweaked to:

  • Fish – 0.4
  • Cider – 0.2
  • Bread – 0.4
  • Sausages – 0.6
  • Ale – 0.3

So for example, in well stocked Tavern, unit will eat Fish+Cider+Bread and walk out, keeping Sausages and Ale intact.

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8 Responses to Food values

  1. Lautaro Zualet says:

    but where do you get the ale?

  2. EL_Sago says:

    lets say the fish is out.
    will they then eat
    cider, bread and sausages? leaving them 120% filled? (so losing 20%)
    or will they eat cider, bread and ale?

    • Krom says:

      For now, they will enter Tavern at 13% and eat Cider (+30%) + Bread (+40%) + Sausage (+60%) consuming total of 130% and wasting whole 43% of food.
      This is not good.
      Perhaps better solution would be to tweak food values once more in later version.

      • Anno Nymous says:

        Actually after 2 hrs of gameplay a look to the stock is always sad.
        The lower food stacks totally full, the upper ones almost empty, sometimes not allowing the tavern to be filled up with e.g. fish at all.

        Why not choose the food randomly by the open hunger left?:

        30% Sausage first
        20% Bread first
        20% fish first
        12% ale first
        8% cider first
        e.g. after Sausage@73%:
        15% Bread second (excess)
        15% Fish second (excess)
        50% Ale second (almost perfect match)
        20% Cider second (93% maybe okay, stopping here)

        The probabilities would of course be rates depending on food value/remaining hunger. This would give people liking all kind of food.

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