Alpha 8 is ready!

Alpha 8 is ready!


Change list is quite big:

Gameplay mechanics:

  • Rigged Cottages to spawn Blank units
  • Units get trained from Blanks now
  • Wool/Cloth/Recruits removed
  • Warriors take small time to train now
  • Units can be stacked in training queues now
  • Stockpiles
  • Story messages instantiated from dynamic script

Visual mechanics:

  • Rotate houses to face South or West (using spacebar)
  • Set default view from South-West
  • Revised viewport controls and added Q/E to change heading angle
  • Rotate minimap on camera heading change
  • Distinct Units/Houses sight radiuses though fog of war
  • Fog of war GPU optimizations

Map Editing:

  • Automation tools in MapEd (forest, mountains, stone)
  • Choice of terrain type when creating a new map
  • Terrain painting has area of effect now (ground, mountains, water)

Game content:

  • New skirmish 8 players map – “Wheel”
  • 2 new campaign maps – “Citizens” and “Army”
  • 2 new single-player maps by Petr – “Desert” and “Minicampaign”
  • Baker and Carpenter 3D models (not animated yet)
  • Placeholder Axefighter model from Militia model
  • Placeholder mounted units
  • New terrain objects (birch tree, log)
  • Minimap alerts (beacon, attacked, hungry troops)
  • House notifications with icons (no worker, no road, no fish, no ore, no trees)
  • Group orders icons

Other improvements:

  • Fixed forms snapping in GUI
  • Replay button glyphs
  • Large-scale texture variations on terrain
  • FadeIn FadeOut effects on hints
  • Fixed “unlimited” button in workshops
  • Improved Iron/Gold mines wire outlines when placing their plans
  • Slightly rotate houses on placement to break the monotony
  • Allowed to rename players through dynamic script
  • Story missions show description text from libx in menu
  • Fixed jittery warriors animations
  • Added tips to loading screen

As usual – this is still Alpha, there are likely a lot of bugs, flaws, incomplete features, broken mechanics and such. Please report them and also your thoughts on what should be different and why.

Download links:

Knights Province Alpha 8 (7z package)

Discussion forum:

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16 Responses to Alpha 8 is ready!

  1. Flasat says:

    Yessss, i’ve been waiting so long for this. Now let’s Test it out 🙂

  2. Ozan says:

    Thank you Krom! Would it be possible to turn the camera and house blueprints 360 degrees?

    • Krom says:

      I will look into that.
      At the moment it is troublesome because houses are not “interesting” to see from the back.

      • Ozan says:

        Thanks. I played a game with AIs for a few hours and didn’t run into any problems. It was smooth and played well. Can’t wait to see the finished product, however it may take long.

        I have a few suggestions & small obstacles that I encountered during my gameplay. I thought putting them here would be better than opening an issue on github.

        1) Gameplay key shortcuts in readme.html needs to be updated to include new spacebar function that rotates house construction blueprints

        2) It would be quite helpful to have an explorer in the beginning of a game (i.e. non-combatant scout to explore the map). I played ‘rivals’ map for test.

        3) Ability to change AI colour before the game starts

        4) House descriptions in the little translucent box when hovering any house is gone after shown once – possible bug?

        5) Ability pause and resume production in any time during the gameplay

        6) A gameplay idea: harsher climates where food consumption is faster and grain and tree grow is slower. This may create much challenging maps/scenarios

        7) Blanks and recruits have the same portrait/avatar which is little confusing

        8) Recruits are not shown on statistics

        9) Ability to build over a tree, which effectively removes/destroys tree

        10) If cottage is deleted, any blanks within become idle and don’t follow orders e.g. can’t be trained as serfs or soldiers. I am not sure if this is intended.

        11) Why does store excludes certain materials to be stored e.g. any weapons, building materials, as well as fish and cider? This puts a bit stress on the chain of production and forces serfs to carry items to camps where store could have been already placed in a few places for effective storing/production.

        Thank you!

        • Krom says:

          Awesome! Thank you so much for these ideas and bugreports!
          I hope to include some of them into upcoming Alpha 8.1

          #5 – Please clarify what do you mean?
          #11 – This is intended to make towns less centralized around the Camp/Store. You can place Camps near “basic” resources production and Stores near “advanced” resources Forts/Barracks near “weapons” production.

  3. SputnikRus says:

    Great news.

    Where is the xml file where you can edit the resource production buildings?

    • Krom says:

      Most of the data files are packed into data.pack (for faster access and security).
      However you can edit some aspects of the game!
      Press F11 to see game’s menu. There Select Edit > Units.
      Edit the values, press “Save changes”.
      Now unit settings will become exposed into data\units\units.xml file (so you can edit them there too).
      Same goes for other Editable options available in the menu.

  4. Ape says:

    Awesome job!

  5. adam says:

    Brilliant TY!

  6. Serf says:

    Like last time I downloaded Alpha 7, when I exacted the Alpha 8 pack, it said the file was corrupted when I try to exact it. How could I fix it?

    • Krom says:

      Try re-downloading the package. It could be corrupt or truncated.
      Also make sure you have actualized software that supports 7z packages (WinRar, 7-zip, etc.)
      I’ll look into uploading Windows Installer package too.

      • Serf says:

        Thank you for your reply.

        I tried all these software. Maybe I should wait for the Windows Installer package.

  7. Wildan Arif says:

    I’m from indonesian player
    sory for my bad english

    but this is awesome, great work Krom. Playing this game (old version > KaM) since 2003 when I was 8 years old
    Thanks a lot Krom, I have been waiting so long for this. Opening this website every 2 weeks hope there is an update 😀


  8. Klassix says:

    Hello Krom, please check this goldmine construction bug. Its eating ressources, never starts building and then just disapears. Sorry for the poor cellphone upload but i had no recording software on my machine.

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