New map terrain

Finally decided to implement default terrain selection in new map menu.


Table on the right will show all available terrain surfaces.

There are 2 issues remaining to solve:

  • Menu does not have terrain textures loaded, so there’s nothing to show as “terrain icons”. Working around that to find the best solution might take some time.
  • New map generation does not expect to be told which terrain to use. This will be trivial to fix. (fixed on 24/01)
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5 Responses to New map terrain

  1. Nick "Looseminded" W. says:

    I apologize if this seems ignorant but wouldn’t it be possible to simply link the button to an image? I assume you’ve tried something like that but it doesn’t hurt to suggest things. This is looking really good, excellent work from everybody involved! 🙂

    • Krom says:

      Hi, thanks for constructive comment!

      Here’s simplified outline:
      – game assets are loaded in 3 big batches (common, menu, gameplay) to distribute loading times and be able to unload menu / game in future, if memory usage becomes an issue
      – while in menu, only common and menu assets are loaded
      – to add button images they need to be either in common or in menu assets
      – terrain textures are inside of game assets

      – moving terrain textures into common would be wasteful, cos they are 1024*1024px and we only need a small portion of them for icons, also they take quite some time to unpack/load
      – creating new icons from textures and placing them into common would be prone to mistakes (when textures change, icons could become outdated)
      – perhaps, data packer tool could be configured to copy small portion of textures and saving them into common, but that would make the build process a bit more complicated

      This is a minor problem that will get solved somehow. Thought it will be interesting to readers to see obstacles that come up in development )

  2. Raul Fr. says:

    Hi, Frist Sorry my english. hahahaha

    I am Brazilian and I am very grateful for what they did in the KaM. I played as a child and today after being married I was happy to see that they took the game to the next generation.
    I would really like to see this new project ready, it has a lot of potential.

    Thank you very much.

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