Alpha 10.1

Alpha 10.1 is out. It features following bugfixes:

  • Fixed mission save warning message text in MapEd being clipped (and having duplicate lines)
  • Fixed repeating objects near borders when resizing a map
  • Fixed popup message shown when replays has ended
  • Fixed crash on selecting dying unit
  • Autosaved savegames should not go to the Recycle Bin
  • Fixed wares render in houses
  • Fixed changing of groups and units position in MapEd using RMB
  • Fixed Blanks dying inside Cottages without ever going to Tavern to eat
  • Fixed removal of Coalmaker’s smoke emitter after destroying the house

Download links:
Knights Province Alpha 10.1 (installer)
Knights Province Alpha 10.1 (7z package)

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21 Responses to Alpha 10.1

  1. jacob says:

    It’s a very very good project. I hope that it will continue to develop.

  2. Seluce says:

    Nice job. It still will needs some time until the fame is be stabile linke KAM Remake but I’ll wait for it.

  3. Jacob says:

    The farm and warehouse look like they were infinite (gray squares and no windows). It’s normal?

  4. Arturo says:

    Hello, checking the game does not appear the shovels in the builders

  5. Lautaro Zualet says:

    do you guys have an explanation about why these following buildings in Knights Province aren’t completely finished?; The Storage, Tannery, The Butcher, The Farmhouse, The Cow Farm and the Armor Workshop.

  6. Knight says:

    Do you know why Kam remake forum was shut down?

  7. Lucielá says:

    Change the name. (Find more a cool name)
    Release on steam with early access.
    And mail me.
    You have my word.
    I’m gonna buy it.

  8. Bandi says:

    Hey guys
    Do you know about the forum being down? Do you have any control over it?

  9. Daze says:

    Very Very nice job. I love it. I hope so much that You will continue this. When it will be completed 100% I`ll buy it.

  10. Andreas Stamelakis says:

    After 396 waves I lost my defenses and got overrun.

    I noticed that the enemies were spawning on the other side of the map and not attacking. It took 3 large assaults from me (to try to wipe them) to wake them up and get the above result. Otherwise I’d probably survive longer.
    Also you lose when you run out of gold essentially. Running out in these kind of scenarios feels bad… It’s supposed to be a never ending invasion…

    • Krom says:

      Impressive result!
      The map is more of a demonstration of the games scripting capabilities though )
      I’ll link the maps author to your comment.

    • Klassix says:

      Hi Andreas thanks for sharing your experience with my map. Im in contact with Krom. Please note that i have never expected to somebody come this far on the map(congrats for that). As Krom stated this map (my first, let it be said) is just for the showcase of the games (for that time availble) scripting capabilities and far from a full developed, polished experience. As time passes and the scripting gets more functions with new builds, new doors will be opened for the map makers to enhance and fix the scripts. Also notice that you might join the KP Discord for an more up-to-date build. It might give you an better experience!

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