Alpha 10 enters wip stage

Alpha 10 is entering “work in progress” stage, where it has its features mostly done. This stage usually runs for several months while I’m polishing features (and adding smaller new ones). Come by and take a stab at it in “Knights Province” Discord channel

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8 Responses to Alpha 10 enters wip stage

  1. Jan Kowalski says:

    Good Job

  2. Kasparo96 says:

    Why actually dont put it on steam where it can became much more popular? I mean your work guys should get soon green light 😉

    • Krom says:

      AFAIK around 10 games get published on Steam each day. Putting a game on Steam does nothing magic in terms of PR. I’d put Knights Province on Steam when it’s at least Beta.

  3. The Who says:

    Why not placint the trees in the center of a map tile instead on a corner?
    That would prevent any problems with buildings easier and make building easier.

    BTW.: Coal Makers do not consume logs.

    • Krom says:

      Placing trees in the center leaves too much of a gap between trees placed in a line. Players will ask why units can not pass between them. It also make chopping them less nice – Woodcutter will have to stand either on a neighbor tile (distance 1.0-1.42) instead of standing on the same tile (distance 0.7 always).

      Coalmakers do need logs, but the process of converting a log to coal takes sometime (like with bread). Trunk is taken and placed into a burning pile, coal gets made some 30 seconds after that.

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