Experimenting on house building

This week I’m experimenting with house building process.

There were several ideas, simple and complicated ones. But in the end I’m aiming toward the balance between house building process that should look appealing and doable from technical and labor standpoint.

Here’s how Cottage building steps look like when colored in prevew:

And this is how it looks in the game when the house building process is in progress:

It’s a long road to propagate this building approach to all in-game house. Especially since many house still don’t have their looks (and some houses are still not planned out yet). There are also pipeline issues to solve, so that modeled houses could be split into parts and imported in the game easier.

For now, Alpha 9 is likely to include just one or two houses with building process steps.

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9 Responses to Experimenting on house building

  1. Vatrix says:

    Damn, feels so good to see this. Great stuff!

  2. StarGazer says:

    Impressive that you want to implement the construction process in 3D.
    in 2D that was already arduous.

    • Krom says:

      This is labor intensive solution, but early games desperately needs to entertain players. I hope this will work out )

      • StarGazer says:

        Good luck.
        Looks very much like it is.
        Maybe you’ll save two house types. A full finished mesh,
        and one of those items show you by piece. But there would be a lot of “mesh by hand saving” work.
        The color would be permanent, the faster version.

  3. GG.ZLO says:

    Very interesting! Greetings from GG.ZLO! 🙂

  4. Lautaro Zualet says:

    yeah, BUT STILL!; who would have occupied such a medieval cottage?

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