Alpha 8.1

Fixed bugs:
+ Having selected a neutral unit that is about to be dead (killed) causes a crash
+ Camera changes height too noticeable on panning across mountains
+ Camera does not move smoothly when dragging over minimap
+ Desert 1v1 lacks stone deposits
+ Recruits are not shown on statistics
+ When creating new map, terrian selected in menu does not match the terrain in MapEd
+ Updated and renamed Desert to DustyDay
+ MapEditor won’t load developers SP maps for editing from main menu
+ Gameplay key shortcuts in readme.html needs to be updated to include new spacebar function that rotates house construction blueprints
+ Serf should be able to “give” building materials to building Towers from any side
+ Game crashes if log gets deleted midplay
+ Game crashes when serf does delivery to a house that is destroyed meanwhile
+ Game crashes when unit walks into destroying house
+ Game crashes when serf tries to take ware from destroying house
+ Game crashes when fort with training orders is being destroyed
+ BadNeighbours and TheIronWolf maps did not allow to build Cottages
+ Deleting groups in MapEd does not work

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2 Responses to Alpha 8.1

  1. Flasat says:

    now the big question… which of these caused my last crash? xD

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