Skirmish equalization improved

I had some doubts about how to handle “Skirmish” setup in MapEditor. Cos there are plenty of ways for Skirmish maps to be made made “unfair” (placement of resources, dynamic script, etc..). So I thought that maybe the MapEd should not be so strict about the “Skirmish” setting …

Ideally I’d want to pop up a dialogue with settings – which aspects of the mission should be (or should be not) equalized. So the setting is more helpful than restricting. But that would take some time to implement ..

.. two hours later ..

So what “Story/Skirmish” does now is just sets the flag to “Story” or pops up a “Skirmish setup” menu. Actual Skirmish “equalization” happens in “Skirmish setup”, where you can choose what to “equalize”.

New settings could appear there later in development (e.g. indicators of existing unfairnesses or more detailed descriptions, or something else related).

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5 Responses to Skirmish equalization improved

  1. Luan says:

    Please put a crowdfunding in this game so that the development process is completed more quickly. Your project is very nice and I know of the effort to make a game, but if you had a little more funds, I believe the project would conclude faster.

    • Krom says:

      KSing the game would be a major slowdown if anything. Due to all the extra time and effort required to be put into creating KS campaign, maintaining it, handling all sorts of issues (finance, law, community management, rigging, feedback, etc.). I’m not ready for that yet.

  2. Herhex says:

    Definitelly agree with Luan 🙂 You have done very nice job so far, keep up good work 😉

  3. Fan says:

    I know, release is not soon. But I am checking website every week or two. Enjoying news and hoping to play the game online one day 🙂

    Please keep up the work! You are the best!

    • Krom says:

      Thanks for posting!
      Alpha 8 release is mostly done, just needs some playtesting and bugfixing to uncover major bugs and missions break-ups. Fixing those might take another week or two, I guess.
      If I get time this weekend, I’m thinking about posting a Alpha 8 Release Candidate version

      *nice email address you have got 😉

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