Building materials to building sites

I was wondering, why Serfs would have to wait for the house area to be flattened before bringing any building materials to it? Surely they can do that as soon as Builder arrives at the site.

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7 Responses to Building materials to building sites

  1. pastuh says:

    Stonemanson working very hard. Very sad no one helps him

  2. xyz says:

    So that the overmind controlling the mouse has time to change its mind without losing any resources :).

    • Krom says:

      Typically the “overmind” changes his/her mind before builder arrives on the site. See my reply below as well

  3. Thibmo says:

    I agree, though it might seem odd that the builder digs where the materials are positioned.
    Maybe they need to be placed outside the fencing then, in the form of a stockpile.

    • Krom says:

      Serfs start to bring building materials after builder arrives on site, so he has a good head-start. He has to walk 2-3 tiles left, walk them back and dig them. Meanwhile road to the Camp is at least 3-4 tiles, and Serfs are crowding near it and have to walk to Camp and out of it to the new house site. All in all – sometimes they do bring building materials early and that looks a bit odd, but much more often that just speeds up construction.

  4. Shawn Reichert says:

    What if this was combined with the resources dropping as a stack that can be picked up if you cancel construction??

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