Live progress #25 – Grain growth

Okay, this took longer than I expected. It’s almost 3 weeks since last LP report. I was busy with many different things and not all of them are done yet. But, here’s something self-contained:

2014-08-29 grain cycle

Grain life cycle

On this week fields aging was refactored and reworked. Since terrain now uses overlays, terrain type is no longer tied with a field placed on top of it. That required some code updates.

2014-08-29 grain on terrain

Grain fields on mixed terrain

Along with some sketches for grain objects, here’s how it looks now in game and in map editor:

2014-08-29 grain field

Grain field

2014-08-29 grain maped

Grain as set in MapEd

Since old growth approach has been refactored, here are some highlights:

  • Grain can grow on any terrain type (if allowed);
  • Grain age can be set to any specific stage from within map editor;
  • Grain age is now stored in mission script;
  • Reworked and simplified growth stages within code
  • Bonus: added wind to the game, so that the grain and trees are wave a little bit.

What’s left – field borders.

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