• Discord server. Most active community hub. Contains links to wip builds.
  • Facebook – contains links to new articles in the blog and sometimes new screens. Subscribe to get latest news!
  • Steam page – add the game to your wishlist!
  • English forum (mediocre activity)
  • Polish forum (mostly inactive)
  • Development Twitch channel – gets occasional development streams, usually on weekends.
  • Youtube channel where I have put together playlist of Knights Province videos I made.
  • Subreddit


Developer resources

Developers wiki:


Developers wiki:

2 Responses to Links

  1. markus Leitner says:

    i’am the guy who translated your KAM Website,
    if you need a german translation for the new Thing: “The Kings Province”
    let me know. 😀

    Greets, Markus

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