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Making House more data-driven

Today’s houses got more data-driven. Now it’s XML that governs which units can be trained in School/Fort/Barracks. Neat when you want to rebalance it 🙂

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Sidenote on wares

Spent this weekend coding the new wares handling for the houses. Now all the houses (except Market) store their wares in the same manner. This allows to experiment with Store/Barrcks/Camp/Fort wares set much more easily then before, without need to … Continue reading

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1k Anniversary addon

There’s one item I forgot to include into the “1k anniversary” post. I did not made it to the previous post date, but now, a day later, it is ready.

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1k Anniversary

NextGame was born around a year ago. It’s time to summarize a little.

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Praise to automatization tools!

Search files by mask and contents with Agent Ransack Open 326 text files in Notepad++ at once Replace tool working on all opened files Save all Commit!

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Painting stones

Been doing Sawmill textures this whole week by evenings and I must say – painting textures is my new passion 🙂  

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What level of graphics will NG try to achieve in the end?

TL;DR: It’s hard to say. I don’t think there’s a game which style I could name a 100% reference.

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